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                        Foaling Alarms
Most horse breeders and veterinarians agree that t he best safeguard against losing a foal, and possibly a brood mare, is to have someone present when an expectant mare delivers.  In some cases, simply being there to break the sack will
save the life of a foal.  Statistics show that 80 EquiFone Receiver Dialerpercent of mares foal between 11 pm and 3 am.  Therefore having someone available at night is particularly important.  However, most farms do not employ full time foaling attendants or night watchmen, and breeders spend many sleepless nights watching and waiting for a foal to arrive.  Our  state-of-the-art   foaling  alarms  EquiPage and   EquiFone  act   as  your night  watchman, and  provide around the clock surveillance of your expectant broodmares, as they have been doing for breeders around the world for over 18 years. 

Camera Systems 
Many breeders like to use a camera system by itself or in addition to a foaling alarm.  Our Camera Systems provide you with the capability to visually monitor your animals from a TV/Monitor in your home and on your smart. phone from anywhere in the world. Our Camera Systems are wireless and include top of the line equipment with the best features available.  We offer camera systems alone and special packages   of our foaling alarms and cameras together.  Our camera systems support both the NTSC and PAL standards.

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