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What is EquiFone?
Most expectant mares will lie completely prone before and during the foaling process.  EquiFone was designed to detect when the mare is lying in the foaling position, and alert the breeder via telephone to help insure that someone is in attendance during foal delivery.

How does EquiFone work?
he EquiFone system is composed of a transmitter and a receiver/dialer. The transmitter is placed in a small pouch, which is then attached to the mares halter.  When the mare lies in the foaling position for over 10 seconds, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver/dialer. The receiver/dialer is a microcomputer telephone dialing system that calls 1 - 4 pre-stored telephone numbers and transmits a pre-recorded message to alert the breeder to the fact that the mare is lying in the foaling position

The  receiver/dialer receives the signal from the transmitter on the mare when she lies in the foaling position.  It then dials all of the pre-stored telephone numbers and plays a pre-recorded message to each as they are answered. The receiver/dialer is placed in an indoor area, and connects to a standard phone jack or the  Wireless Terminal.   It is powered by an AC adapter that plugs into a standard electrical outlet.  The membrane keypad on the receiver/dialer is dustproof. 

The transmitter is powered by a 9 volt battery. It is inserted into an adjustable pouch that is attached to the rings on the  sides of the mares halter, and it hangs under the head just forward of the throatlatch area.  When the mare lies flat out in the foaling position the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver/dialer..  There is a built in delay of 10 - 12 seconds before the transmitter sends the signal to the receiver/dialer  to prevent false alarms in the event the mare just lies down and gets up again.   The mare (including miniature horses) does not realize she has the transmitter on.

Our transmitter mounts on the mare in the throatlatch area.  Mounting it in this manner prevents it from getting wet when the mare drinks and from getting hung up on water buckets and feeders which can result in false alarms. 

There is no limit to the number of transmitters that can be used simultaneously with one receiver/dialer.

Wireless Terminal
The  Wireless Teminal is a  base station mobile phone.  It enables connection  of land line devfices such as the EquiFone system,  a telephone handset, fax machines, etc.  It transmits using the mobile phone networks.  Being completely wireless, the Wireless Terminal is used in those sutiations where a land line is not available.   You must provide a SIM  card for it.  We provide a SIM card  from H2O Wireless to USA purchasers.   It can be activated with a "pay as you go'" option.            

Transmission Range
The distance for transmission from the transmitter on the mare, to the receiver/dialer is up to 500 feet.  Transmission strength is enhanced by having a clear line of site between the transmitter and the receiver/dialer.

Additional Features
EquiFone will work for any size/type horse.  The only difference between horse sizes is the length of the straps that connect the transmitter pouch to the mares halter.

Two years, 100%, parts and labor.

The appropriate power adapter/plug (120 - 240 volts - 50 - 60 Hz)  will be shipped at no extra charge for the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Prices - Online puchasing
Land Line EquiFone system - Includes: Receiver/Dialer, Antenna, 1 Transmitter, 1 Pouch, Power adapter, Instruction Manual - $379.00 

Wireless EquiFone system - Includes: Receiver/Dialer, Antenna, 1 Transmitter, 1 Pouch, Power adapters, Wireless Terminal, Instruction Manuals - $489.00 

Additional transmitter with pouch - $98.00

Additional pouch - $15.00


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