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Kee-Port, Inc. was established in 1987 to develop, manufacture, and market digital electronic personal security systems, and horse related computer software.

Our other activities included breeding miniature and quarter horses for over 20 years, and the operation of an all-breed foaling facility for over 10 years.

During the time we operated our foaling facility, we had the opportunity to use and test various foaling alarm systems and devices.  It was our experience that some systems did not give enough warning, in some cases, to correct any problems with the birth.  It was also our experience that the two halter foaling alarm systems we tested would false alarm when the mare would eat and drink.  Due to the manner in which the transmitter was mounted under the mares lower jaw, it would hang up on buckets, feeders, etc. and tilt enough to set off an alarm.  It would also get wet when the mare drank. 

With our company's knowledge and experience of electronic alarm systems, we decided to develop our own brand of foaling alarm.  We chose to develop a non-invasive halter foaling alarm that would mount the transmitter in a manner where it would not hang up or get wet while the mare was eating or drinking.  As a result of this effort, we developed our EquiPage system.  Our system has the transmitter mounted across under the mares head near the throatlatch, as opposed to going up and down under the lower jaw.  We made the transmitter smaller and lighter in weight.   

Our system was the first to provide a programmable pocket pager and our own auto dialer so alarms can be sent by telephone, which has since been copied by other brands. 

We tested and refined EquiPage at our foaling facility for over 2 years before putting it on the market , where it has become a huge success around the globe. 

We were the first to develop and market a Telephone - Halter Foaling Alarm.  Our EquiFone system is the number one selling telephone halter foaling alarm, in the world.